About the Designer

A brief introduction about me, I picked up my first pencil and started drawing when I was eight.  I realized, along with my parents, that I had quite an aptitude for art.  I was fortunate enough to have parents that encouraged this talent and kept me supplied with everything I needed to draw and paint.  While I was in High School, like many other young men, I became interested in cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  So, I began customizing them.

     After High School I had been employed with automotive custom shops and sign shops, creating one-off design work for both.  In my off time, I was painting custom graphics and art work on cars and motorcycles.  Working up to sixteen hours a day was wearing me out.  I decided to branch out on my own.  As soon as I quit my last job at the sign shop, one of my custom painted cars was being photographed for Muscle Mustang Magazine, Super Ford Magazine, and 5.0 Magazine.  The car was also being filmed, along with the car’s owner, for an interview with Horsepower T.V.

      Over a period of few years I have had multiple cars and motorcycles featured in several magazines.  I was even filmed doing my custom art work on a bike build documentary for a local charity.  All the while I still had a feeling that painting bikes and cars didn’t feel like it was what I was meant to do.  I have always had a “thing“ for shoes.  I have a rather large collection of shoes myself and for some reason have always had an uncanny knack of picking out awesome shoes for my girlfriend.

     So…. early in 2008, with a little encouragement from my better half Deborah, I started designing women’s stilettos.  The first few pair that I created for her received a lot compliments from friends and strangers that we met.  Once again I decided to hire a few employees and start up another business.  Since then I have created several other designs and still have a lot more in the works.  I look forward to placing a pair of BDmodo’s on every beautiful woman around the world.



Visit me at  http://www.myspace.com/bdmodo   Follow me on  //www.twitter.com/bdmodo 

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